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Data Centre Design And Consultancy Services

At Insyme, We strive to produce not just Data centres, state-of-the-Art solutions that meet business needs, as well as future proofing the demand, growth and market trends. Our methodologies and processes are built on Global Standards and Best Practices, including TIA, Uptime, ASHRAE, CIBSE, BSRIA, IEEE, and more. SDC engages Data Centre experienced staff on projects, with proven track-records in Europe, US, and Asia-Pacific, where the Data Centre industry leaders reside.


With our team of dedicated design experts in Datacentre, Insysme is the partner of choice for your data center project. Our experienced consultants are available to work with you to fully understand your requirements and create a solution design which meets all needs. It is vital that the design of your data center goes beyond operational and future growth requirements, at Insysme we also take into account its return on your investment and value proposition to your business.

The Green Data Center

As partnered with Flexenclosure, our professionals are focused on ensuring that all designs are created to maximise levels of energy efficiency within the design scope. Our teams of engineers will create solutions with maximum resilience and serviceability to minimise downtime due to failure, ensuring on-going servicing and maintenance schedules can be completed without interruption to the core function of the equipment. Insysme has a wealth of expertise in successful installations from small server room re-fits to large corporate and public sector contracts. Our data center professional services include project management, integration, testing, commissioning and training.

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Our methodologies and processes are built on Global Standards and best practives, including TIA, Uptime, Ashrae, CIBSE, DEEE and more.